Academy In Panic Is Announcing New Regulations

0 Posted by - January 27, 2016 - Cineview

After George Clooney , Indis Elba, Spike Lee, Jada  Pinkett Smith’s complains and of course the negative criticism by press and comments on social media concerning the exclusion of black actors, for the second year in a row, from Oscars nominees, the Academy decides to clear the voting system and promised to double the number of women and ethnic minority  by 2020. The Academy said ” Working in the last 10 years is one way to ensure you have voting privileges.  Another way is to have been nominated for an Oscar. And a third way is to show that since you were admitted as a member you’ve worked in motion pictures during three 10 – year periods. This means that the longer your career, the more likely you’ll qualify for voting.” . After new complains by older white voters, the Academy published new orders that said that they are not excluding older members , and that everyone will retain membership. In fact “under the new rules many veteran Academy members will retain voting rights”, as Academy referred on its website.

Until then we’ll see how these new changes will turn out.



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