DYK: Amélie

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The main colors in the film (green, yellow and red) are inspired by the paintings of the Brazilian artist Juarez Machado.


It was in 1974 that Jean-Pierre Jeunet began collecting the memories and events that make up the story of Amelie.


At the opening scene, where the crew is being displayed on screen, young Amelie is representing the job of each crew member listed with origami.


Vanessa Paradis was considered to play the part of Amélie.


Voted #2 in Australia’s Favourite Movie poll.


The song played during Samantha’s peepshow scene at the porn shop isn’t included in the film’s soundtrack. If you’re looking for it, it’s “The Child” by Alex Gopher.


The artwork in Amélie’s bedroom (the dog with collar, the white bird) and her crocodile imaginary friend are by artist Michael Sowa.


The funeral in the imaginary black-and-white documentary that Amelie watches on TV is composed of footage from a 1923 Pathe Journal newsreel segment about the death of actress Sarah Bernhardt.





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