DYK: Who is Vangelis Kotronis?

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Vangelis Kotronis was a Greek director of the Imaginary Cinema, screenwriter, actor and publisher-critic of magazines with similar material. Kind of mythical personality in the underground cinema of Athens in the 80s. At 12 May 1985 and in the age of 28, Kotronis was a victim of a deadly accident with his motorcycle. His mother, Nina Kotroni, founded the Vangelis Kotronis institution and established a money prize for short films of Imaginary Cinema in his memory. After his sudden death, he was considered as a symbol of anti-authoritarian behavior and a model for many young people who did not want to adapt to the existing social establishment, but experience their creativity autonomously. He cooperated with the magazine “Ideodromio” and printed the magazine “Snow white for adults”, the magazine “Cine Fantastico”, printed books with poems and texts. He also participated in the organizing of after midnight projections in the cinema ‘Elize’. He was an unforgettable cult figure. 


Verdalak (Short) 1984

Flash (Short)

Assistant Director

Dracula of Exarcheia (1983)



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