Kubrick wanted me to direct a film by Terry Gilliam

0 Posted by - January 16, 2016 - Cineview

Stanley Kubrick wasn’t the creator that came back to his creations with sequel and prequel, but Terry Gilliam got us thinking, after revealing in one of his interview on Twitch, that Kubrick was no only preparing a continuation of «Dr.Strangelove», but also had in mind involving Gilliam into the new project titled «Son of Strangelove».

«When Kubrick died i was informed from someone close to him that he was interested on making one more film. – following «Strangelove» and wanted me to direct it.  «I was not aware of something like that before he died but it would have been a great pleasure.» Gilliam said. Although this theory sounds incredible, before 1999 and Auteur’s death, something was going on regarding a new visit on the universe of «Dr.Strangelove», along with the co-screenwriter Terry Southern to have assumed the formation of a new script, a work that was interrupted by his death on 1995.

Between his notes there is evidence that witness the editing of a script based on the characters and Kubrick’s plot. It was also the time that the work of Gilliam was characterized by many as «Kubrick influenced», especially the satire in Brazil.



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