The Shadows of the Bright Hollywood

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By Mavrokefalou Caterina

Two movies.

Two dark movies.

Two dark, Hollywood movies that at the same time are stigmatizing the world of Hollywood, consisting also its own self-criticism.

Beginning with the older one (Sunset Boulevard 1950) Billy Wilder submits his credentials to the glamorous world of Hollywood and successes to show the friability of the established, rotten cinema by making movies in the very same world. In this case using a real muse of the silent cinema, who still lives in her haunted house and past and an ambitious, even opportunist young screenwriter, he contrasts two generations and ideologies in a role play, in which each person is someone else, ending up by forgetting at last even who reallyis. He shows by this way the collapsing mode of the star system and of the people, who are part of it or of those, who are wishing to be its part in the future.

The second movie (What ever happened to baby Jane? 1962) is the story of two sisters <<trapped>> in their house and also in their glamorous past. They were stars that have been loved andpraised by Hollywood and now have been forgotten and replaced. The drama is picked by the narrating of how cruel could the fame be especially in the young ages·unsettle even the strongest relationships and changing the person through the illusions, which are offered by the passing famous and the tension of glorifying if anything but the evanescent  idols.

Particularly these two movies have as main keystone the relation of the victim and the victimizer. In the first one these roles are interchanging step by step in contrast with the second one, in which the ultimate change takes place at the end.In both cases there is a dramatic finale, besides it couldn`t be different because both parts are bogged down completely. Therefore the death or the mental breakdown are the only possible purgatorial solutions, since the protagonists have been remodeled in an adrift of their roles without being able to recover their identity.

It`s important that in both movies the protagonist roles are kept by actresses Gloria Swanson (Sunset Blvd), Bette Davis και Joan Crawford (What ever happened to baby Jane), that in some point are impersonate their selves, because they are in an age, that have experienced the absolute fame and prestige of Hollywood and in which every actor has lost its youth and most of the times cannot   be accepted by the new and ends up in a deadlock both as an artist and as human.



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