The 10 most overrated actors of 2015

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Hollywood stars may receive a lot of zeros in their payments, but ,in some cases, they don’t come out with a massive success at the box office.
Forbes Magazine made a list of the most highly-rated Hollywood stars, that accepted a great amount of paycheck for their participation in this year’s productions, yet they failed their expectations. Forbes magazine concluded to this list after looking after the actors’s last three films that took part in, except for animation movies, guest appearances or films that had less than 2000 screenings.
The number 1 of this list belongs to Johnny Depp for the films “Mortdecai” and “Transcendence”, that failed at the box office. According to this research, Johnny Depp “returned” to the box office only 1,20 dollars for every 1 dollar he received.
Next are Denzel Washington (Equalizer 1/6,50), Will Ferrell (Get Hard, Anchorman 2, The campaign, 1/6,80), Liam Neeson(Taken 3, Run all night, 1/7,20), Will Smith (Focus, 1/8,60), Christian Bale (Exodus: Gods and Kings, Knight of cups, 1/9,20), Channing Tatum (Jupiter ascending, Magic Mike XXL, 1/10,60), Brad Pitt (Fury, By the sea, 1/12), Ben Affleck (Gone girl, Runner Runner, 1/12,30), Tom Cruise (Mission impossible: Rogue nation, Edge of tomorrow, 1/13,60)



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