Wes Anderson On Directing

0 Posted by - February 11, 2016 - Quotes

Half the time, when somebody has an issue and is worried about something not working, they might be right, and half the time it’s easier. But half the time, the thing everybody thought was going to be no sweat is impossible. And movies are always like that – at least the movies I work on. What you’re doing is something you’ve never quite done before, and when you’re doing that, nobody knows what’s going to happen, and you learn in the course of time not to get too focused on what people think can’t be done. Because usually you can do whatever you want. Instead, you have to encourage those people to use all their powers, because they’re the experts. They have so much to bring to you, once you get them to provide it. But that’s all part of managing a group. Something it just backfires, but most of the time it’s fun.



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