DYK: Why do Valerian and Licht think that Thornhill is Kaplan?

0 Posted by - April 29, 2014 - DYK

This is an easy scene to miss if you aren’t paying close attention to the background noise at the beginning of the film when Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) enters the Oak Room at NYC’s Plaza Hotel. He joins three men at a table and is introduced all around as Roger Thornhill. Thornhill then realizes that he instructed his secretary to call his mother but that the secretary won’t be able to reach her because Mother is playing bridge at a friend’s house, so he decides to send her a telegram. Valerian (Adam Williams) and Licht (Robert Ellenstein) have been waiting in the dining room, hoping to run into George Kaplan, who is currently registered at the hotel. Just before Thornhill raises his hand to summon a waiter in order to send his telegram, a page for “George Kaplan…Mr George Kaplan” can be heard in the background. Valerian and Licht assume that Thornhill has raised his hand in response to the page, conclude that he is Kaplan, and the mistaken identity takes off from there.



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