DYK: Gaspar Noé wanted to make Love before Irreversible

1 Posted by - December 25, 2018 - DYK

Gaspar Noé first wanted to make Love (2015) before Irreversible (2002) and pitched the project to stars Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel as a project with unsimulated sex shown on camera. They actually agreed to star in the project and Noé set about writing the script. When they finally read the script, they felt uncomfortable sharing their sex life with the world and also specifically with a threesome with a transsexual. So the project was scrapped and Noé instead made Irreversible (2002) with which while it featured plentiful full frontal nudity from both stars, did not feature real sex on screen. Noé then revived the project many years later and made it in its present form.



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